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A NPC, or non-player character is any character within the game that is not controlled by the player. This includes Zombie and other survivors.

A gun nut (right) threatens the player with his shotgun.

In the upcoming release, the NPCs (both infected and non-infected) will be potentially improved.


A NPC rejecting a team request

It is a confirmed feature that NPCs will be able to team (this is only applicable to humans). The player can request a human to team up, he may answer positively or negatively, based on the player's attitude this may end in a good relationship or it may end in a duel between the player and the npc (this happens if the player is aggressive towards the NPC), it is not confirmed if you can talk to Gun Nuts.

Gun Nut

Gun nuts are a human (non-zombie) NPC archetype. They are always hostile toward the player character, though they typically shout warnings before attacking. When killed they drop whatever items were on their person, including clothing, weapons, ammunition, and other items. Gun nuts will also fire on any nearby zombies.

Story Mode Locations

When playing in Story Mode there are a few pre-populated Gun Nuts on the map.

'Til Death Us Do Part

Bobby Collins

This Gun Nut will come to the player's safehouse toward the end of the tutorial. After the player listens to the radio message (and turns the oven off, preventing a fire), Bobby Collins will approach the safehouse and enter, tearing off any barricades. If not killed or attacked, Collins threatens the player and then directs them upstairs. After directing the player inside the bedroom, Collins will claim that Kate Smith is infected, then despite the player's protests will shoot Kate Smith and the player. Should the NPC miss or otherwise not notice the player, he will proceed upstairs to threaten then kill Kate.

Jack Bloggs

This Gun Nut is found patrolling the inside of the grocery store. Bloggs will begin shooting at the player if they enter the store.

Sandbox Mode

In Sandbox Mode, Gun Nuts appear at random in buildings around the map.

Regardless of the weapon that the NPCs carry, they will kill the player (and be killed) with a single hit with any weapon. This makes them far more deadly than zombies. NPCs will also pursue the character on occasion, though only when the Player's back is turned. They will flee if the player turns to look at them.