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Kies je spel

Om je spel te beginnen moet je eerst Story (verhaal) of Sandbox kiezen. Sandbox bevat geen uitleg en is absoluut niet aan te raden aan nieuwe spelers. Om een kleine uitleg over het spel en de gameplay mechanics te krijgen is het aan te raden om eerst met Story te beginnen. Klik op 'Story Mode' en druk dan vervolgens op 'Til' Death Do Us Part' om een uitleg te krijgen. Een uitleg hierover kan hieronder gevonden worden, alhoewel er rekening mee gehouden moet worden dat het hier gaat om een verouderde versie.

Getting Started

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The tutorial with your wife Kate Smith starts the game off in a mostly zombie free zone which teaches you the basics of survival such as barricading windows, gathering food and fighting off a lone zombie. The tutorial even teaches the concept of how easy it is to die in game, with 2 scripted methods of death and one unscripted one.

The tutorial however is skippable by either taking a pillow from the wardrobe and suffocating Kate, or by hitting the Esc button during her opening speech. After hitting esc, the tutorial helpers can be turned off by clicking one and hitting "no more", but you will always have a mission to tend her leg. Collect the basic supplies from the tutorial house and the soup house next door and you're ready to head off into the zombie infestation.

The useful starting supplies that can be gathered from the tutorial area

From there, moving quickly to the next house down, supplies can be gathered from the kitchen. Plenty of food to start you off, and a chance to find weapons/ammo in the cabinets never goes amiss early on. Even if you stumble across the occasional zombie, the quick in and out trip lets you ignore them for now while waiting to find an actual weapon.

Your first house raid

Finally, if you've moved quickly, you should be able to reach the next house down the line and get inside before dark. If the front door is locked, there's a back door which can be used to get in (chances are both won't be locked). If you have any zombies in the area, dart around back and get them to follow you into an open door. Beat them to death with planks (safest) or take the risk and hammer them to death. Don't close the door on them though, doors are valuable because you can walk through them AND prevent zombies from walking through it. Even a large horde takes a fair amount of time to break an unfortified door down. A fortified door will often hold long enough for you to get a full nights rest in before they club it down. Doors can be crafted from salvaged components, but there is a limited amount of such components in the world so don't waste them needlessly.

Barricade the two side windows near the middle room, and then all of the windows in the mid room/kitchen. Upstairs you can barricade the stairway and the bedroom as well. You have exactly enough wood to make a living area out of sight from zombies since the giant bathroom has no windows if you ignore the second bedroom after looting it.

A perfectly serviceable zombie fortress

This is enough to give anyone the basics required to survive their first night outside the tutorial home.

Survival Guide

Once you have completed the story tutorial that was listed above, you should head on over to sandbox. When you select Sandbox, you are greeted by a character creation screen. You will be able to pick your profession, professions currently use Traits, positive traits remove points. To get points, you must pick a negative trait. All professions bring you 1-2 good traits.

Once you have completed your character, you will be placed into a random location on the gameworld.

This guide will show you a good start in starting your sandbox game, it is recommended however that you have your own strategy, should this not ALWAYS work out for you.

Once you spawn, you should always first loot out the building you are in, if you have found a bat, please skip the next step.

If you don't find a weapon, head down to the hardware stores (find it at the Suburbs map.) and loot a hammer there. You currently only need a hammer & nail, if the door to the warehouse is not locked next door, loot what you need from there. Mainly look for planks.

Once you find planks, you should start looking nearby houses. Find sheets, rip only one, and save the rest. Now that that is done, you should find where you want to setup a safehouse. If you played the tutorial, you should be able to locate the tutorial house near the east of the map. It's a recommended safehouse due to the large size, a large amount of windows, and it has two exits. If you don't like the location, pick one of your choice.

Once you have the following

A. A weapon.

B. At least (in your own thoughts) 2 days worth of food.

C. Planks.

D. Sheets.

E. A chosen location.

The sun should be setting. Equip your hammer, and take out your planks from the inventory. Barricade up the back door, and any windows you can. Use the raw sheets on windows to make a curtain. If your character is hungry, eat some food. Head upstairs and get some sleep.

After you have setup the safehouse, and have slept. You should mainly concentrate on finding more food and surviving. Good luck.

Choice of fortress

This article or section may be outdated. Editors are encouraged to update this section with new information.

Any place you choose to stay for the night should have multiple exits, but preferably not ones that are visible from each other. A very good way to confuse zombies or avoid them altogether is by going up a flight of stairs after having dropped out of sight: as such, multi-story buildings are ideal. You wont need to worry about storage as you are not limited to the six slots shown in containers, but if you do find yourself needing more you can craft a container. (see recipes for recipe)

Some appropriate buildings in the Suburbs are buildings 4 and 10. Remember to board up or cover your doors and windows and try to avoid running indoors because it can make a lot of noise which will attract unwanted attention.

4 (the house mentioned above) makes an ideal fortress as it has plenty of storage space upstairs and is convenient to access from the starting location. You can collect supplies from houses 1-3 and get into 4 with enough time to settle down within the first day. Barricading nearly every window is a must in the Pre-Alpha due to some glitches that let you see out of windows in the front room while being in the middle room. Naturally, the zombies can see in as well. With two exits and an upstairs hidden from view of either of them, it's quite easy to let the zombies shuffle in one door and out the next while you hide upstairs. The only disadvantage currently is the location. House 4 is on the edge of the current map, forcing forage trips to often go overnight to reach the opposite edge of the map. Clearing out double story houses and/or building 10 for an overnight stay is a good idea.

10 is another crowd favorite because you can live on the 4th/5th floor well out of sight of any zombies. And it also lets you cull a zombie horde one by one as they come up the stairs. Storage space is adequate, but there won't be much in the way of supplies when raiding the apartments as they tend to be rather barren. There's also the chance that the front door is locked, forcing a noisy entrance. For a game start, this is by no means ideal.

Daily Activities

This article or section may be outdated. Editors are encouraged to update this section with new information.

Zombies spawn in lesser numbers during the day, but they have greater vision range. It's still well worth avoiding the night time though, because the streets often become crowded with the undead. If you have a reliable melee weapon (The spiked baseball bat is an excellent choice, although a fire axe works as well) clear out the area around your fortress and any areas you're foraging in. Since zombies seem to attract each other, it's best to not let any follow you, even if you're just on a routine cupboard search. Never use guns for this purpose, and try to stay away from doors so you don't accidentally bash them and make more noise than needed.

Keep an eye out for houses that make good secondary fortresses. Even if you have a main one where you collect supplies, be aware "circumstances" may prevent you from returning for up to a couple of days at a time. Knowing multiple defensible places to stay is a good idea when you have to make trips further afield for supplies. Also stock enough food to get you through a day or two when going on an outing, just in case you get stuck before finding anything edible. Remember that nighttime is the most dangerous time for you to be out and about. Not only is vision limited, but more zombies will spawn. Stay indoors when it is night. Also try to avoid building barricades at night because you will make a lot of noise. The last thing you want is a nightly horde to stumble onto your doorstep. The day is the perfect time for you to go out and forage for supplies and equipment, but always keep an eye on the clock and be indoors before it is dark. Spend your nights sleeping, eating and healing.

When the undead finally find you and you are on the run, always turn corners twice when escaping zombies. They will know enough to follow you around the first, but if you can make it around a second you'll have lost most of the shufflers. When entering rooms, be aware a zombie may be standing vacantly just out of sight, but within lunging distance. A good tactic is to run to the corner of the room you can see fully, giving you space to deal with any zombies who lurch after you. A pushing weapon such as a plank/bat/spiked bat is ideal for close quarter encounters since you can fend off multiple zombies while dealing damage.

Combating the undead

This article or section may be outdated. Editors are encouraged to update this section with new information.

When you're starting out, you have two choices of weapons. Although the hammer does some damage, the very short range and lack of instant killing power like the axe make for a horrible weapon. Any time you're using this, you're risking a scratch/bite injury. When starting out it's actually better to use wooden planks as a weapon since they push zombies away. Even though it may take 20 hits to kill that one zombie who's stubbornly followed you into a building, it's much better to be safe than sorry. Even the most minor of injuries can result in infection and eventual death, so keeping the undead at arms length is a key to surviving more than a couple days. A rough order of usefulness for melee weapons is:

Spiked Baseball Bat > Axe > Baseball Bat > Hammer > Wood planks

Guns (assuming there will be more than the shotgun added at some point) are very much a last resort weapon. If a horde of zombies has you pinned in a dead end room and is breaking down the door, then you use it. Another group of zombies will almost certainly be attracted, but the idea is to clear a path so you can run, not to clean the area of zombies. The liberal application of a spiked bat can still allow you to take out quite a few of the shamblers before darting around them though. Use guns with caution, and preferably never around an area you'd like to spend the night in.

Injuries and Infection

"An ounce of prevention is worth... everything. There is no cure after all." - Jackson Buckle

Injuries currently only come from zombies and falls at the moment (guns seem to kill instantly). Infection can happen when the skin is broken, wounds that break the skin are labeled as scratches and bites. A scratch has a 25% chance to cause infection, however a bite is almost guaranteed to infect. Eating well and resting (for convenience sleeping pills make the resting part much easier) help heal injuries, although it's unknown if this has any effect on the chance of infection from an injury. Bandages should be applied to flashing injuries to aid in healing, and as soon as possible for bleeding wounds as they cause additional damage if left untreated.

One of the worst injuries to have is any type of foot injury. Walking in any way will cause your character to experience pain, but it's currently impossible to lie down or rest in a way that doesn't involve sleeping. As such you're forced to constantly pop painkillers every night before bed if you want any chance of sleeping that night. The best way to heal this injury is to stock your inventory with food, pain pills and sleeping tablets. Feed up before drugging yourself unconscious and the wound will heal over time.

Unfortunately, early infection (before the queasy moodle appears) seems to cause generalized minor injuries to the entire body, including the feet. Because this counts as a foot wound, your character will be in constant pain whenever he tries to walk. This puts a serious drain on pain pill supplies since you need them to sleep. It's unknown how long this early infection stage lasts if no further injuries are sustained, or if it only increases your chance of full infection upon the next skin breaking injury.

Once the queasy moodle happens, your days are numbered. Even with lots of bed rest and good food the infection can take over your body in as little as 4-6 days. Unless you're trying to push for an extra couple of days on a record game, it's probably best to make your bucket list and start on it immediately.