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Velkommen til Project Zomboids Overlevelsesveiledning. Dette er en kort guide som vil dekke det viktigste innholdet i Project Zomboid, og kan hjelpe en nybegynner til å overleve spillverdenen.

Merk: Denne guiden ble skrevet for versjon 2.0q.


Vi begynner på begynnelsen. Nye spillere burde ta en kikk på kontroller. Dess bedre du operer kontrollene, dess større sjanse har du for å overleve dag en.

Knox Fylke


Project Zomboids hendelser tar sted i Knox Fylke. For øyeblikket er hovedkartet delt opp i 4 kvadranter.

Forstaden ligger i den Nord-Østlige kvadranten. Dette er hvor spillets opplæring, Til Døden Skiller Oss Ad, finner sted. En enorm park ligger i midten, med noen bolig-og næringsbygg rundt. Den viktigste bygningen nye spillere burde utforske tidlig i spillet er nærbutikken for mat, jernvarehandelen for viktige verktøy, og varehuset for ekstra forsyninger.

Villaer ligger i den Nord-Østlige kvadranten. For det meste er dette en rolig sektor, som omfatter 6 luksuriøse villaer, med et stort kjøkken, 2 toalett og 3 soverom hver. Det er også et godt husvalg for å sette opp en beskyttende barrikade, spesielt siden svært få zombier vil forfølge deg til dette området.

Skogen ligger i den Sør-Vestlige kvadranten. At the southwest part of this quadrant is a small house with a barn next to it. Setting up a safe-house here is unadvised because it is far away from food and water supplies. However, if you have a lot of supplies, feel free to settle in. The low number of zombies and the amount of surrounding space will allow you to make a decent safe house that none of the other quadrants can support. At the northwest of this quadrant is a small woodcutter shack which happens to be close to the suburbs. It's perfect for wannabe-carpenters and woodcutters as a safe-house. Players will often find Sledgehammers and Saws in its storage crates.

The Downtown District is located in the Southeastern quadrant. Contains 2 restaurant, a warehouse, lots of shops, a gas station, a school and a big office building in the middle. It's also one of the zone with the most zombies in it. Players are advised to be careful around the northwestern part of this quadrant near the city center, as there are more zombies here than in anywhere else. Because of this, it is unadvised to make a safe house here at all situations.

The Northern Highway is an off-grid map cell which spans 3 different map cells. Following the dirt road can lead you to a large Farmhouse which contains a barn, a storage shack and a Well. Once in these different maps, it is not possible to go back into the city. Walking back the way you came will just load up a new randomly generated map. Players are advised to be careful around the Villas' northern edge not to accidentally walk beyond the bounds.

If the players walks out of the map's bound, the game will load a different map. In this map will be a randomly generated Forest. Once in this different map, it is not possible to go back into the city. Walking back the way you came will just load up a new randomly generated map. Players are advised to be careful around the map's edges not to accidentally walk beyond the bounds.


  • After approximately 5 days in game time, the city's Water supply will run out.
  • After approximately 15 days in game time, the city's Power supply will run out.
  • After about 1 month in game time, the zombie horde will regroup together and migrate around the city until they find you.


Den Første Dagen

In the first day, the first thing you should look for is a weapon. DON'T use a shotgun as a primary weapon, it makes too much noise, which attracts more zombies to your location. Here is my list of MELEE weapons, from best to worst:

Fire Axe
Spiked Baseball Bat
Plain Baseball Bat
Kitchen Knife
Nailed Plank
Pool Cue
Wooden Plank
Butter knife

When looking for a weapon, look for at least a hammer, the items below it aren't suitable for long term survival. Don't battle any group of enemies larger than 3 zombies. When facing a larger group, run past 2 corners and they'll lose you. After finding your weapon, find a 2-day ration of food, and 1-4 bottles of water. Once you have your basic supplies, you should find somewhere to stay the night, sheet up the windows in the entrance and in the bedroom. Once you are out of view, turn on all the lights, you don't need to spend the night in dark. It may take a couple hours, but empty the house of any items, then organize your items into various containers (ex. One container can have the spare weapons, another for the canned food, the fridge for the perishables, the sink for the water bottles, etc). When you eat, make sure you eat the PERISHABLES first.

Samle Vann

Soon, you will be hit with the problem of the upcoming water works failure. You need to spend the next 4 days collecting pots, bottles, bowls of water. After day 5, you will have to live off your own rations. 10-15 water containers are acceptable, but if you want to survive more than 2 months, you should stock up at least 20, I suggest around 30, the more the better. While doing that, look for better weapons. By the end of day 4, you should have at least a baseball bat, but I suggest you get an axe as soon as possible. While looking for the items above items, take these items if you see them: anti-boredom items, non-perishable food, tissues, perishables, a saw, some sheets, medicine, and construction materials. Worst case scenario, if you run out of water after the failure, then you can go into the forest area and try to find wells which provide an unlimited water supply.


Once the water works is dead, collecting empty bottles, bowls, and pots is pointless. Your next objective is to get an axe, some wood, and some nails. You need to fortify your base. Assuming that you sheeted your windows, your next step will be to barricade all of your first floor windows and first floor spare entrances (leave one entrance ALONE). After you are done barricading, you can start building wall pieces and build anti-zombie mazes, emergency catwalks, or even connect buildings together. However, to do this you will need to chop down trees, the map has far too little planks to support such a great construction. To chop trees, you need an axe. Stock up on food, DON'T recruit any survivors, and live the apocalypse.


When heading out for a supply run, always be prepared. Only go outside during daylight, as zombies tend to grow in number at night. Start your day by eating something, refilling your Water Bottle at your nearest Faucet and making sure you're not carrying too much before going out. Grab any weapon you can find in your starting building. If you're lucky enough, you just might find a Kitchen Knife or a Baseball Bat.

When outside, try to walk as often as possible. If you ever stumble upon a horde, you'll be able to Run far enough from them all without a scratch. This will also save up some energy for fighting without getting exhausted too fast. Try to keep your eyes over your shoulder, as you never know which zombies will follow you. Holding CTRL and circling the mouse around the character will make the player look in the mouse cursor's direction, giving you the ability to spot your enemy before they even see you.

En kan møte NPC-overlevende også; disse kan du snakke med, eller rekruttere dem til din gruppe. Spillere kan stoppe en løpende NPC med å trykke på Q-tasten, som vil få karakteren din til å rope. Det en bør være oppmerksom på er at noen NPC-er fiendtlig innstilt, og vil skyte deg om de får sjansen. Noen NPC-er blir frivillig med deg, andre ikke; om de nekter vil dette gjøre karakteren din sint. Om du fortsetter å spørre de som hele tiden nekter, vil dette føre til at du blir så rasende at dere kan ende opp i en duell. Om de blir med, kan du gi dem tre forskjellige ordrer: "Følg meg", "Bli her" og "Beskytt dette området". Vær oppmerksom på at dess større gruppen din er, dess fortere vil dere bruke opp ressurser.

Spillere som er mer eventyrlystne kan gå på en forsyningsrunde, der en benytter en søppeldunk til å samle opp ressurser. Når en bruker en dunk blir en mindre nedtynget og kan gjøre forsyningsrunden din lengre. Den eneste nedsiden ved dette er at slepeferdigheten din ikke går opp i nivå like fort som når du bærer ressursene selv.

Du står helt fri til å gå hvor som helst, men prøv alltid å planlegge hvor du er på vei, hva du skal ta som bytte, og hvor du skal bosette og barrikadere deg inne.


Throughout your adventure, not only does your character gets hungry and thirsty but can also suffer from anxiety or depression. These status effects, called Moodles, can be treated with consumables depending on the character's need. In example, a Bored character can be healed by reading a Book or a Magazine. The Moodles will also display signs of injuries, which requires first aid.

For a complete list of each Moodles, their effects and how they can be treated, please see the main Moodle article.

Skader & Førstehjelp

It's inevitable. One of these days, you'll fall down a window by accident or a zombie will bite you. Depending on which Injury you have, a certain treatment comes with it. Having Bandages and Painkillers on hand can be useful if something ever happens to you. Leaving an Injury untreated can lead to health loss and even death.

To treat a Scratch, a Bite or a Bleeding injury, click on the Heart icon on the top-left of the screen. This will open the character status window. The injured part will be flashing in red. While the character status screen is opened, open up the Inventory screen, then drag and drop a Bandage on the injured part of the body. Now, when pointed on with the cursor, the treated body part should read "Bandaged". Sleeping, as well as being well fed will speed up the healing process.

For a complete list of all know injuries and how to treat them, please see the Injuries article.

Nå et Nytt Nivå

When your character as trained enough, a message will appear at the Top-Left of the screen saying "You should rest and meditate on what you've learned". The next time the player goes to sleep, the Skill point allocation panel will appear, allowing you to distribute one skill point.

For a complete list of each Skill, what they do and how to level them, please see the Skills article.


With the right resources, players can mix items together to create new, better equipment. With the crafting menu, players can create food recipes, enhanced weapons and barricades to reinforce their safe-houses.

The crafting window can be opened by clicking the Hammer & Nail icon on the bottom-left of the screen when the Inventory window is opened. Drag and drop items from the Inventory panel into the Crafting panel's upper row with 4 boxes. Crafted result will appear in the bottom row's box. Drag and drop the crafted item in your inventory to complete the crafting sequence.

For a complete list of all crafting recipes, please see the Crafting article.

Barrikadering av Hus

In a zombie apocalypse, nowhere is safe. However, that can't stop you from fortifying a safe-house of your interest. Some buildings are safer than other... or are they? The selection of a safe-house is up to you.

Players are advised to reinforce a 2 story building with as few possible exits as possible. In case of an home invasion, you can always escape through a window using a Sheet Rope. For maximum protection and stealth, board up every windows with wooden planks and bed sheets. Make sure to barricade your front door, as NPCs can hammer through it in a matter of seconds.

Carpenters equipped with a Sledgehammer can destroy walls, door & window frames and can rebuild their home by crafting Wall Pieces, Doors, Stairs and frames. However, be warned that if you "trap" yourself within 4 Wooden Wall without a Sledgehammer in hand, you will be stuck there until you die from hunger.

If you run out of Wooden planks, use an Axe to chop down doors or trees. Chopped down doors will yield 1 or 2 wooden planks, along with door hinges and knobs. Another alternative is to chop down any tree near you. Taking down a tree will yield 1-5 Logs. Combining 1 Log with 1 Saw in the crafting menu will yield 1 Wooden plank

Please take note that constructing a safe-house will make a lot of noise, which will draw any stragglers nearby. Any carpentry jobs should be done during the day.


A Zombie has bitten you. You've patched yourself up, but as the night sets in, you start feeling feverish, knowing all too well that the end is night... You'll be joining them soon...

Or maybe you've been very careful for months, all holed up in a barricaded coffin with your dwindling food and water supply. And you promised yourself to never ever take off these wooden planks off the front door... A slow death by starvation awaits you...

Whatever the case, no matter how long or how hard you try, death seems inevitable in Project Zomboid. When your character dies, the game will scroll a message from bottom to top stating how long the player survived.

Good luck out there. And remember! Aim for the head!

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