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Welcome to the ULTIMATE FAQ for Project Zomboid. On this page we have compilied as many FAQ's as we could on every variety of topic for Project Zomboid. Hopefully your questions will get answered. If not, head over to the forums and see if they can give you a hand.


Project Zomboid General FAQ (Thanks nasKo)

Q. What is Project Zomboid?

A. Project Zomboid is an open world zombie survival RPG set in a post-apocalyptic, obviously zombie-infested world where you are challenged to survive as long as you can until you inevitably die. This is the story of your death, not how you overcame the apocalypse against all odds.

Q. Who are The Indie Stone?

A. We are people. We also have faces and you can see them here: http://projectzomboid.com/blog/about-us/

Q. Which platforms will be supported?

A. Project Zomboid will be available for Windows, Linux and Mac. There are no plans for other platforms at this point in time.

Q. Do you guys need any help with music, artwork, translation or some other creative endeavour?

A. We’re fine right now; we’ve got a full complement of developers and helpers, but feel free to send over whatever you’d like. If you’d like to help out then the best way would be through our modding community.

Q. How much does/will it cost?

A. The game is currently available for 9.99 GBP / 13.99 EUR / 14.99 USD on Steam

Q. What age rating is Project Zomboid?

A. We currently have no fixed age rating, but would underline that this is a mature game dealing with adult subjects. Parental discretion is certainly advised.

Q. When I buy Project Zomboid, what benefits do I get?

A. Project Zomboid is a game that’s still in development. When you purchase a license you gain access to every build we release, up to and including its completion. We will consider the game complete when we’ve ticked off everything we promised and planned out at the start of our alpha-funding campaign

Q. I have neither a credit card nor PayPal. Is there another option to purchase the game?

A. Unfortunately, there is no other way to buy the game at the moment. Additional payment methods will automatically be available when we’re on Steam.

Q. Will there be a demo?

A. There is! In it, you will start off as infected, so you can play as much/often as you like, but you will only last so long. Please give it a try if you're unsure whether PZ will run on your machine.

Q. How can I follow the game’s progress?

A. You can follow us on Twitter @theindiestone and check-in on our forums http://www.theindiestone.com/ We also blog about our progress every Monday.

Q. So where can I download the current build?

A. The latest stable builds will auto-update (if you have that option selected). If you'd like to test the buggier, but more curent, beta-builds, you can opt-in by right-clicking on the Project Zomboid in your games list and select Beta under the Preferences Tab.

You can find information on forthcoming builds on our forum.

Q. Help! I’m having some sort of trouble with my PZ account!

A. First of all check out our Support section on the forum, if your answer doesn’t lurk there then fire off a mail to accounts@projectzomboid.com, but be sure to include your receipt of purchase.

Q. Help! I’m having some sort of trouble getting PZ working!

A. In 99% of cases our Support pages will be able to help you, but if the issue persists then post up in the Support section of the forum.

Q. Is there Multiplayer?


Multiplayer is currently available!

The latest bleeding edge build officially released is 27#1 (READ WARNING BELOW!), which contains both single player and multiplayer. Read about it here -- there are instructions for installing and admin tools, etc at this link:



Note: Build 27 Hotfix 2 is currently only available on the IWBUMS branch until the devs are satisfied with its stability.

Read how to access the very latest beta builds here:


Q. When are you guys going to work on online-multiplayer?

A. Online-multiplayer has currently been released to the gaming community in its first initial beta stages. It was bumped up in priority due to the difficulty of proper NPC development.


A. We'll most likely add those down the line. Expect them at some point in the future.

Q. I have a suggestion for a really cool feature that could go in PZ! Who should I contact?

A. Go to the Suggestions part of our forum, search to find out whether anyone else has ever dreamt it up – and, if not, then dazzle us with a post about your zombie survival know-how.

Q. Can I monetize YouTube videos, "Let's Play" commentaries etc?

A. Yes! YouTube is the lifeblood of our game. Go crazy! Post this up in the video description to be on the save side: http://projectzomboid.com/blog/youtube-terms/

Q. Can I modify the game? Are there terms and conditions?

A. You're very welcome to modify PZ! We got terms and conditions covered here: http://projectzomboid.com/blog/2013/09/terms-conditions/

Q. Is Project Zomboid be on Steam?

A. Yes! We officially launched on Steam Early Access on the 8th of November! People who already have it on Desura can already grab their Steam key: http://projectzomboid.com/blog/2013/11/returning-to-pz/

Q. Will I have to purchase the game again once it appears on Steam?

A. No. Everyone who already bought the game before Steam is be able to get it on Steam for free. Go here for all the info you need: http://projectzomboid.com/blog/2013/11/returning-to-pz/

Q. How will I receive my free Steam key when I didn’t buy the game via Desura?

A. You will need to convert the username and password that was emailed to you after your purchase into a Desura key via this site: http://www.desura.com/games/project-zomboid/activate

Q. Will you add Steam Workshop support?

A. Short one: Yes!

Q. Will you support Steam Big Picture mode?

A. We plan to do so! Controller support is currently in and we’ll work on the UI to fit Big Picture mode.

Q. Will NPCs be friendly or hostile?

A. Neither and both. We don’t want to make it that simple. NPCs may gain your trust and then back-stab you horribly. We’re trying to make this as dynamic and most importantly non-predictable as possible. Crusader Kings 2 is a pretty inspiring game ;)

Q. What is this “meta-game”?

A. It’s essentially what keeps the world around you on being interesting by “living”. Think of it as an abstract level of simulation for NPCs and Zombie population, from where they're plucked and made concrete when you enter the area. This abstracted simulation accesses various metadata about the world (rooms, building definitions and their locations) and is the underlying system coordinating the actions and events in the world that happen without you being in the immediate area.

You might want to think of it as a complex puppet theater where the puppets are playing behind the curtain. When you open it, the game looks at the state of the actors and spawns them into the world as concrete characters in their corresponding states. They will still be driven by the puppet master (the meta-game) so their (inter)actions and interests play out in the same way, but now with the curtains wide open for you to see them playing out.

Q. Can I build my own fort? Can I also grow my own food?

A. Yes and yes! We also have plans for other methods of obtaining food.

Q. I’m not sure what I’m doing in Project Zomboid. Is there a manual?

A. First off make sure you play our Kate and Baldspot tutorial ‘Till Death do us Part’, which covers the basics. This is unfortunately not yet a part of any of the newer releases. Check out the PZ wiki and our forums which will definately help. Also, community member EreWeGo created a pretty cool manual which you can check out on our forums!

Q. What is Sandbox mode?

A. Sandbox mode lets you customize the lore to your fitting. You love the “28 Days Later”-kind of sprinting Zombies or just want a harder challenge? There are too many/too few Zombies and you want less/more? Want more/less NPCs? You want to set the speed of the ingame-time to real-time? Sandbox mode lets you edit these settings and more to your liking. The Zombie lore is completely customizable to the point, where you can edit the kind of transmission, the reanimation time after death as well as the infection mortality. You can also edit Zombies’ abilities to hear, see and smell as well as abilities such as memory and cognition.

Q. How big is the map?

A. The game takes place in Muldraugh, KY and we’re expanding to the surrounding areas, eventually. Muldraugh itself is a relatively small town, so don’t expect huge office buildings while you’re there.A good overview of the map can be found here (thanks to the awesomemest blindcoder!): http://pzmap.crash-override.net/ Cities and other locations will eventually be included. We’re going for “huge” rather than big, so you’ll have to actually prepare for longer trips. Also, our lovely modding community will be able to provide a lot of interesting (additional) maps!

Q. Is the map procedurally generated?

A. No. We have a clear story in mind and have plans on where the story will take you. Random map generation does not work very well with generating cities or towns that are supposed to actually feel different. However, it does work well for creating natural terrain, so we might end up using random generation to provide an infinite map size beyond the borders of the hand-crafted map. This would require a fair ammount of work, though, so it is fairly low on our priority list. We're sure that some modders will take up the challenge at some point :)

Q. Can I play this with a Controller?

A. Yes! Considering we want to support Steam Big Picture mode, you will be able to play the game without the mouse and keyboard in the future. Controller support is fairly raw at this point but will be fixed and polished very soon! Community member Kevlar_29 created a handy guide how to use your controller in PZ which you can check out on our forums.

Common Questions

Where can I purchase and download the game?

The game must be purchased through Desura, and downloaded either via the Desura client or from the Desura download page (after logging in).
As of November 2013 the game can also be purchased through Steam Early Access. All that is required for this is an account and some money on hand.

How do I run the game?

Unzip the game file. Open the unzipped file and double click on the .bat file of your choosing based on the type of computer you have and what it can handle. The proper .bat files are named something like this: ProjectZomboid - (Resolution) - (display). For example, ProjectZomboid - Medium - Fullscreen may be the best to start out on if you are unsure of the processing power of your computer system.
If using steam simply install and run the game.
Download the application and extract the .app into your applications folder.
Please follow the Linux installation howto.

Why is the game asking me for a login and password?

Depending on where you purchase the game you will receive your login and password in different ways. If you purchased the game from Google Checkout, then you will receive an e-mail from Indie Stone Games that will contain your login and password. If you purchased your game through Desura, Desura will provide you with a key.

What if I already purchased the game through Google Checkout?

Obtain a Desura key by redeeming your purchase.

I already own the game and I want to redeem it on Steam. Is this possible?

Yes! Absolutely. Head over to this post to get more information.

Will the game be available on Steam?

Yes! As of September 2012, Project Zomboid has been greenlit! You will be able to transfer your Desura copy to your steam account.
As of September 4th, 2013 - Steam keys are available for current players [1].
As of November 2013 you can now purchase the game through Steam!

What if the game added x?

Always good to have suggestions and the team seem to pride themselves on hearing out ideas. If you think your idea would make the game better then you can head over to the forums and post the suggestion in there. It is a good idea to go check the Commonly Suggested Suggestions first though, to make sure it hasn't been recommended and thought about already. You may also want to read the Compiled Suggestions & How To Write A Suggestion as well before making a post.

Gameplay Questions

Is there a Manual?

Yes! There is an unofficial Manual created by fellow survivor EreWeGo. You can download it here. There is also a REALLY basic manual that is loaded upon starting your game. It tells you the very basics of movement, combat, and the infected horde. Not meant to be a survival guide that can last you for weeks and months, but something that will help new players find their way around the game.

Why do zombies notice and follow me wherever I am?

You are probably making too much noise while moving. If you're within close proximity to a zombie, hold CTRL to go into sneak/combat mode which will result in the least amount of noise while moving. Once you're a safe distance away, you can probably safely walk as normal. You should never run unless you need to get out of a desperate situation quickly. Line of sight is also incredibly important. If you can see zombies through a window, then they can see you. This will most likely cause them to come a knockin' and won't stop until dealt with.

Why are my attacks seemingly ineffective?

Your attack needs to be charged by holding down the attack key before striking.

Why does my weapon look like a different item on the character sprite?

Not all weapon sprites have been finished yet. Golf clubs, crowbars, and other weapons have been given the baseball bat sprite as a placeholder until more graphics are developed.

How do I break into houses without smashing windows?

Stand beside the window while facing it and press the 'e' key. It may take some time, but the window will eventually be forced open. After the window is open, hold the 'e' key to climb though. The window can be closed by facing it and pressing the 'e' key again.

What is the loud alarm noise?

You have triggered a burglar alarm while entering a house. It will attract zombies from far and wide. Run!

Why can I no longer attack and rotate my character using CTRL?

Your weapon has broken (condition 0) and unequipped itself as a result. The inability to rotate the character with CTRL after this happens is a known bug.

Are there other survivors in the game?

No, but NPCs will eventually be implemented.

What are the gunshot/helicopter sounds?

Until NPCs are implemented, these event sounds have been employed to facilitate the migration of zombie hordes, so beware.

Hey! That zombie was dead, but it got back up!

Just because a zombie is down on the ground doesn't mean it's dead. Technically it's already dead after all. Always make sure to approach a zombie and crush it's skull in, otherwise it's just going to get back up and come after you.

Development/Future Updates

What happened to NPCs/fire?

These features were present in early demo versions of the game, but have been temporarily removed. As of version, they are still not present, but will be reimplemented near the end of 2014.

Will vehicles be added?

The Indie Stone have mentioned adding vehicles at some point in parallel with their "march" towards 1.0 and final Alpha release. This could happen anytime between now and mid 2015.

Gameplay/Program Issues

Something's wrong with my FPS!

This seems to be a common problem. Here's some words from Lemmy:

"We say on the load page of the game, currently we have performance issues. Please use 30FPS frame locking as default, and only try 60 FPS after that point if you've already had success.

Because of the high level of simulation going alone, along with the way the current isometric world is constructed to work in 2D, and until we make some planned big changes to the rendering, 60FPS will likely be out of reach for most but the highest specs.

Please try 30FPS first and only move up if you get a stable 30. If a HD player, please consider playing in 720 instead of 1080. It still looks really nice (better with a good FPS) - again, move up to full HD if your PC can deal with it.

There'll come a point soon where this is no longer necessary, but it's slightly frustrating for the team and mods that we put that warning and 30FPS defaults in there to make sure people don't dive in to an awful FPS, and because of their prior assumptions about their specs people's first action is to move it from the defaults we set up to ensure everyone had a playable FPS.

Thank you!"

If you are running Gamebooster or any gamebooster type program, please close it. These programs are not actually helpful and can actually cause more problems with Project Zomboid by having it on. So please, while playing the game have it off.

My game is still having issues, I'm even getting black screens, what should I do?

When booting up Project Zomboid you'll probably notice you have two options available to you. One is just a normal run Project Zomboid, while the other says Safe/Compatibility Mode. If you are experiencing such problems, then try running the game in this mode. If the problems persist head over to the | support forums and create a report there.

I'm unable to go into a room/section of the map that is clearly abled to be entered.

Argh! You've encountered a nasty bug, best get it reported so it can be squashed. Quickly, figure out where you are (use this if you require a hand with that) then head over to the map bugs thread and create a report. Hopefully the bug will then be fixed in the next update.

Tech FAQ (Credit to nasKo)


  • Make sure that you know what OS you have installed, as well as if it is 32Bit or 64 Bit.
  • You will also want to make sure that your OS is up to date.
  • Make sure you have the latest version of Java installed. Download the one corresponding to your OS from http://www.java.com/...load/manual.jsp
  • Make sure you have the right Java version installed and are running the corresponding game version. The 64x version of the game will not work when you have a x64 system but only 32Bit Java installed.
  • Some graphical glitches might be related to old or outdated video drivers. Make sure they are up to date. If you think they are, download them again anyways. This is to double check.
  • Playing on a laptop, make sure you’re not running the device in Energy Saving mode while playing the game.


Reinstall/Update Java

Sometimes your Java installation may end up being corrupted and/or out of date. To fix this, uninstall Java. Once it’s removed from your system. try reinstalling it.
Java can be downloaded/updated via the Java Download page :

Update your video drivers

Note: Some manufacturers (Alienware, sometimes Toshiba, etc) are putting out their own drivers so you should check out your manufacturer’s website, first.
Do not trust Windows with updating your drivers. Also, do not blindly trust any auto-updater (no matter if it’s from the manufacturer or a third party application).


For downloading ATI/AMD Drivers, head over to http://support.amd.com/us/gpudownload/Pages/index.aspx
Your Catalyst Control Center is also able to tell you if your driver is out of date and update it.


The drivers for your nVidia GPU can be downloaded here: http://www.nvidia.com/Download/index.aspx?lang=en-us
To automatically detect your video driver updates for your nVidia GPU, check http://www.nvidia.com/Download/Scan.aspx


To download the drivers for Intel graphics chipsets, head over to http://downloadcenter.intel.com/
You can also check the following link to let them look for updates automatically: http://www.intel.com/p/en_US/support/detect/
Try running the game in safemode:
You can use safemode by simply right-clicking on the game in the Desura or Steam client and then clicking “Compatibility Mode 32x” or “Compatibility Mode 64x” depending on your OS and Java version.

Q. I just downloaded the game on Steam and the game simply crashed on launch!

A. Please reinstall the game. Right click the game in your Steam library and select “Delete Local Content…”. Once that’s done, download the game again. Also try to run the game from the .bat-file in your SteamApps\common\ProjectZomboid folde

Q. What is “Compatibility Mode”?

A. Compatibility mode uses compressed textures to reduce memory usage. This is recommended on integrated graphics cards/chipsets where normal mode causes low FPS.

Q. My PC specs are good enought to have a stable 30 or 60 FPS but I am getting really low FPS!

A. We have plans to improve the framerate dramatically in the upcoming weeks, so performance might indeed vary from what you would expect. Please consider playing the game in a lower resolution (1280*720, lower if necessary). Please also try locking the game to 30 (or 45/60) FPS in the options menu. If you are using Gamebooster or an equivalent application, please turn it off, as testing has shown that it drastically reduced performance in many cases. For further tips and performance reports, please check out the following thread on our forums:

Q. "The system cannot find the path specified" is displayed when I try to run the game.

A. Make sure you have the right Java version installed for your system. If you’re running a 32 Bit OS you need to download the 32 Bit version of Java. On a 64 Bit OS, you can have both 32 and 64 Bit Java installed, however you need to make sure to run the correct version.

If you’re using the Desura client, right click the game and select either “Play 32x” or “Play 64x”, depending what kind of OS you’re using and which Java version you installed. On Steam, right click the game and select “64 Bit” for the 64x version of the game.

Otherwise, you need to run the corresponding exe-file which is either “ProjectZomboid32” or “ProjectZomboid64”

Q. I don’t have Java installed! / Where can I get Java?

A. If you’re playing PZ through the Desura client, Desura downloads and installs Java for you. To do this

  1. right-click “Project Zomboid Alpha” in Desura
  2. click “Verify”
  3. check “Re-Install tools”
  4. hit the “Verify” button

You can also download Java via the following site.

Q. I see a dark flash, maybe some text, and nothing happens!

A. Most of the time, this is the “The system cannot find the path specified” error, which means your Java installation cannot be located.

Q. The game does not start and I get the following error in the cmd window: “org.lwjgl.LWJGLException: Failed to set display mode (-2)”!

A. Resolve this by deleting the content of the following directory: C:\Users\*yourUsername*\Zomboid[

Q. I made my resolution too high and now I can't access the options to change it (because the menu button is off screen)?

A. Delete your "options.bin" file in \username\Project Zomboid\ folder.

Q. I’m getting an error when launching it in Desura: “Failed to launch item Project Zomboid, File is not valid exe”

A. Delete the “Project Zomboid” directory from your Desura or Steam Folder, restart Desura or Steam and then re-install Project Zomboid.

Alternatively, this may be due to using an older version of Desura. In that case, please uninstall Desura completely. Make sure there are no files left of it by going to the install directoy yourself (making sure it is NOT there anymore). The default install directory is C:\Program Files (x86)\Desura or C:\Program Files\Desura for systems using a 32 Bit OS. When you made sure Desura is uninstalled, download the latest version and install it.

Q. Buttons don't seem to work and text fields don't seem to have borders!

A. If you've recently resized the window, please restart the game.

Q. When changing from a smaller resolution to a larger resolution then starting the game, I seem to be zoomed in on my character. How do I fix it?

A. It's necessary to restart the game on any changes to graphics settings.

Q. I can't seem to change any of the zombie options in Sandbox!

A. Be sure to uncheck "Proper Zombies" to enable customized zombies

Q. Where are the other survivors? I sometimes hear sounds that indicate that they must be somewhere!

A. NPCs are currently not implemented. The sounds are currently there as a glimpse at the upcoming meta-game events.

Q. I cannot load my save game!

A. Please see this thread on our forums: here

Q. Where are my save files located?

A. Save files are located in %username%\zomboid\survival and %username%zomboid\sandbox (e.g. C:\Users\YourUsername\zomboid\)

On Mac and Linux the saves are in Users/<Username>/Zomboid/ or /<Username>/Project Zomboid/

Q. I’m having a hard time to orientate. Sometimes I end up in a large empty area. Is there a map available?

A. A map can be found at the PZWiki: http://www.pzwiki.net/wiki/Knox_County User blindcoder is working on a zoomable and panable map out of screenshots which can be found here We plan to implement ingame-maps, at some point in time.

Roads without markings and lane stripes are usually a good indicator that you’re currently in an unfinished area.

We could have put markers in surrounding the filled areas but this would slow down map development down with repeatedly having to move markers back and on top of that, doing that would imply that there is nothing beyond the borders which isn't entirely the case. There is stuff out there, it's just sparsely distributed.

Q. I am having X problem using a Controller and/or Splitscreen Multiplayer!

A. Controller and Splitscreen Multiplayer support is currently just experimental. We’re aware of those features being fairly raw and undeveloped but this will change soon.

Q. "Cannot load server.dll"

A. You are likely trying to use the 64-bit version on a 32-bit system. Run the 32Bit version of the game. Via Desura that would be “Play 32x” or “Compatibility Mode 32x”. On Steam, you would just right click it and select either “Play Game…” or “Compatibility Mode”

Q. There is some error in my command prompt saying something about “Access is denied” and “Exception in thread “Thread-5”!

A. This is happening to very few people. Name your savegame with only one letter and it should work. If it doesn’t try deleting the content of the following directory: C:\Users\*YourUsername*\Zomboid

Multiplayer FAQ (Credit to nasKo & Connall)

Q: How do I get to play Multiplayer?

A: Multiplayer is currently a separate test build. You can download it by right-clicking Project Zomboid in your Steam library and clicking "Properties". Then, navigate to the "Betas" tab and select "onlinetest" from the drop-down menu. There is no code required so leave the code-field blank. The game will now update to the Multiplayer testbuild and when you start the game, you will see "Join Server" as the only game-mode option.

Q: How do I set up a server in Windows/Mac/Linux?

A:For Windows you can use this tutorial: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5795-how-to-run-a-server/

People running a Linux server can follow the instructions posted by Connall here: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5841-buying-running-a-linux-project-zomboid-server/


To host a server, navigate to your game installation folder (for Steam users, the default location is Steam\SteamApps\common\ProjectZomboid) and find the batch-file called ProjectZomboidServer.bat. Start it by double clicking it. A command prompt window will pop up saying "*** SERVER STARTED****".

If you want to host a server with lots of people, you should make sure your internet connection is fast and you have enough RAM in your rig. See “How do I use more/less RAM” for how to allocate more memory to your server. To allow people to connect to your server you will need to forward the necessary ports. The necessary ports to forward are 16261 (UDP) which serves as a handshake port for communicating with the server. For each possible player slot on your server, you need to forward additional TCP ports, which are used to stream the world to the player clients. If you want a server with 10 slots, you would have to forward 16261 UDP 16262 - 16272 TCP

A quick and easy way to test if your ports are forwarded properly are http://www.canyouseeme.org/ and http://www.yougetsig...ls/open-ports/.

Good guides on how to forward ports are found all over the internet. Portworwarding.com has good guides on hand and covers a lot of routers. Port Forwarding sounds harder in theory that it actually is. It mostly just involves getting into the menu of your router. If you have no access to your router, please consult whoever is in charge of your network (parents, room mates, admins, etc).


With this we’re making the assumption you understand your way around linux. For a more in depth guide, go visit: http://theindiestone.com/forums/index.php/topic/5841-buying-running-a-linux-project-zomboid-server/

You’ll want to install default-jdk and screen onto the server if you don’t have these already.

Now we need to grab the Steam CMD so we can download the actual Project Zomboid software. It’s recommended that you run SteamCMD on a seperate user.

You should add a new user by doing:

adduser steam

Once that’s sorted we need to switch over to the new user. It should be noted anytime I refer to “steam” in the file directory context, then it means the user folder. If you decide to name the user something else the directories change also. Something to keep note of. “Steam” is not the same as “steam” in the directory context as well.

su - steam

this will switch the user from root, to steam.

Now we need to actually get the SteamCMD. To do this we run this command:

wget http://media.steampowered.com/installer/steamcmd_linux.tar.gz

It should eventually download and once it does we need to actually get the contents out of the folder. To do this we run

tar -xvzf steamcmd_linux.tar.gz

Now we got to run SteamCMD

To do this we can do:

cd /home/steam/steamcmd then

./steamcmd.sh +login steamusername steampassword +force_install_dir directory/you/want/to/install/to "+app_update 108600 -beta onlinetest validate" +exit

Steamusername being your steam username and password being the steam password.

You should have a projectzomboid-dedi-server.sh file in your ProjectZomboid folder, if not you will need to rerun the command up above.

You will also need to create a Zomboid folder in the users home folder. You will need to create a folder of “db” in that folder as well and download this db file and place it in the “db” folder: https://dl.dropboxusercontent.com/u/28553835/world.db

Whether or not you will whitelist the server it’s best to put the file in. You’ll now need to edit the projectzomboid-dedi-server.sh and set your RAM values. This is dependant on how much RAM your server has, I personally didn't set them to use my complete server capacity, I did about half but the choice is up to you. (Kirrus: Don't set more than 80% of your VM's capacity.) Use WinSCP and double click on the file and it should open it up in an editor, find these two lines:

-Xms1024m \
-Xmx1024m \

And edit the values to your choosing.

Now we need a certain script:

wget http://kirrus.co.uk/stuff/pz/wheezy-glibc-sid.sh

bash wheezy-glibc-sid.sh This is only required for those who are running a Debian OS, Ubuntu (I am told) should be fine.

We’re almost there. So here’s what we got to do now.

cd /home/steam/Steam/SteamApps/common/ProjectZomboid


./projectzomboid-dedi-server.sh It will start the server. You need to run the server in screen, or when you close the terminal program you’re using, the server will shutdown as well.

Q: How do I use more/less RAM?

A: You’ll need to edit the projectzomboid-dedi-server.sh file or the ProjectZomboidServer.bat file and find lines that look like:

-Xms1024m \ -Xmx1024m \

These are your RAM values. It is advised that you don’t use more than 80% of your available RAM. If you’re running the server from a home computer, then the RAM values should be tonned down significantly more.

Q: How do I reset/start a new world?

A: To reset the servers world you will need to navigate to your server’s /Zomboid/Sandbox folder. In there should be a folder called “servertest” deleting this will folder will reset the world. Make sure to do this when the server is off (or the server program is not running) and restart the server.

Q: Are LAN servers possible/how?

A: Yes. LAN servers are completely possible, the usual installation instructions need to be carried out with regards to setting up a server. This info can be found at: http://theindiestone...o-run-a-server/ You should then be able to connect the server.

Q: Can I use mods on my mp server?

A: As of Build 27 you can require mods on your server. In your "servertest.ini" update (where "examplemod" is presumably the "ID" in that mod's mod.info):


When a user attempts to connect the server will check that the client has this mod enabled.

Q: How do I change my characters appearance for multiplayer?

A: At the moment there is no easy way to change a characters appearance and is just left to luck. If you really wish you can connect to a server, and if you don’t like the appearance, then you can disconnect the delete the save associated with the server and reconnect. Rinse and repeat if need be, but keep in mind it’s always random.

Q: Can I change the length of days or the amount of Zombies/loot? Is there a way to respawn loot?

A: Currently, servers are not as customizable as the sandbox mode.

At this point in time you can’t actually respawn or reset the containers for loot, without restarting the entire world (see above). When the new admin tools come in you could theoretically put items into containers but this would be very time consuming.

Q: How do zombies spawn?

A: Much like items they seem to spawn once then begin to wittle down as they don’t actually seem to respawn. There’s no settings for zombies right now, nothing to alter their spawning or how they act like in Singleplayer Sandbox.

Q: Why can't people connect to my server?

A: There can be a number of factors surrounding why people can’t access your server. For the most part this sort of stuff applies to people who are hosting servers from their homes, if you’re using a VPS or dedicated gameserver provider to host the server you shouldn’t encounter these problems. If you do, first refer to any avaialable guides that may help resolve the issue, then contact your server provider to see if they would be willing to help.

For home computers here’s what you can check:

1. Check your ports. Chances are your ports aren’t accepting connections, and for good reasons as this is generally a security feature for the routers. Routers are so vaired, that we can’t actually give a lot of specifics for you. However visiting a site like: portforward.com and finding your router model should give you an idea on how to set up your port forwarding.

The following ports that should be forwarded is the 16261 as UDP as it’s considered a handshake port for the server. All further ports are configured as TCP and are used to configure map data to each user. So one port should be forwarded for every player you wish to have on the server. So for example 16262 - 16272 would allow ten players.

If you want to test if the port is forwarding then you can use a port checker such as http://www.yougetsig...ols/open-ports/ to test and see if the port is open. Make sure that your server is running before testing the port as some routers, won’t open the port until there’s a connection running.

2. Firewalls and antivirus. The oldest trick in the book, these could be causing problems for the server and may wish to turn these off or add PZ/Java to the exception list.

3. Correct IP. There are two types of IP, an internal IP and an external IP. Internal IPs are used for connecting within the computer or network while externals are for people connecting from outside the network. Make sure you are giving people an external IP and not an internal one. To check your IP, you can just google “What’s my IP” or visit http://www.whatismyip.com/

If you’re absoloutely certain it’s none of these problems post to multiplayer help board.

Common Errors

Q: I’m trapped in a server! The map won’t load anymore, what’s going on? It looks like a black border.

A:You have either lost connection to the server, or the server has crashed. You’ll need to check your internet connection, or the server owner will need to restart the server. If you’re certain this is not the case, then the server may not have the ports configured correctly to allow map streaming to each player. If you’re the server owner here’s some info on the matter.

The following ports that should be forwarded is the 16261 as UDP as it’s considered a handshake port for the server. All further ports are configured as TCP and are used to configure map data to each user. So one port should be forwarded for every player you wish to have on the server. So for example 16262 - 16272

Q: I’m getting some console messages about… “Delay Packets”

A: This seems to be a common problem affecting a lot of users. There’s no known concrete fixes, just a couple of hot fixes.

One such fix is to try and disable firewalls or anti-virus which might be causing the issue. If you have been able to connect to the server but has now changed and you’re getting these messages you can try removing the save folder associated with the server. If it’s still not working you might be unfortunately stuck. It is possible that it’s a server specific issue, try connecting to a different server and see what happens.

Making sure the username is using a proper file name characters (as the username is saved to a folder, so if you’re using improper characters (like “/” “!” etc) it won’t work. It’s also entirely possible that the server is full, or all the ports opened by the server operator are in use. This means that you won’t be able to connect to the server and will instead, need to connect to a different server.

Q: My server keeps crashing with people on it!

A: Odds are you don’t have enough RAM or you haven’t allocated enough of your RAM to the server. If you’re running a public server on a home computer, this will be more of an issue. If running off a VPS it’s still a possibility. Generally 2GB gets around 10-15 players and 4GB can cover 20-30 possibly.

Q: I get this message of… Client version (956) doesn't match server (958) when I try to connect to a server. What’s going on?

A: This is indicating that there is a Project Zomboid build mismatch between the client and server. Say the message was like this “Client version (x) doesn’t match server (y)” If Client (x) number is less than server (y) then that means that the server is running a newer build and the client is running an older build. So best way to check is to make sure that steam has updated your game to the newest version possible. If server (y) number is less than (x) then that means that the server is outdated from the client and the server still needs to be updated.

It has been known that builds have accidentally been pushed to the onlinetest branch, so make sure to check the forums and see if anybody else is having problems regarding compatibility issues.

Q: I was on a friends server, it was working fine but then we restarted and we started having problems. What do I do?

A: There are a couple of possible solutions to this. The first is try deleting the save associated with the server, in the event that’s causing a conflict. If that doesn’t work, it might mean the server hoster has not quite configured the ports correctly and isn’t allowing map streaming.

Administrating a server

Server Settings There are various options for servers. The server options are set up via the ServerOptions.ini file in your Zomboid folder (Windows: C:\Users\<username>\Zomboidserver) (LinuxL /home/<user>/Zomboid/Server)

Possible options: Spoiler

PVP = true // Enable PVP. PauseEmpty = true // Server does not continue to update with no players on it (keep it enabled if you don't want your farming stuff to grow and thus possible rot (also applies for food) when noone is on the server). GlobalChat = true // Enable the Global Chat (/all command in chat). Open = true // Everyone can connect (no whitelist) ServerWelcomeMessage = <RGB:1,0,0> Welcome to Project Zomboid MP test ! to chat locally press \"t\", to global chat press \"y\" or add \"/all\" before chatting <LINE> Press /help to have a list of server commands <LINE> <RGB:1,1,1> // Displayed message in the global chat when a client connects. LogLocalChat = false // Log the local chat in the chat window (client side). AutoCreateUserInWhiteList = false // If your server is open (not whitelisted), this option will allow the server to create the user in whitelist if they entered the server with a password, so his username will be protected even when the server does not use a whitelist for everyone. DisplayUserName = true // False = you won't see another players username on top of their head + their name won't be logged inside the local chat

Administrative commands There are various commands for admins. There will be more in the future. This list will be updated as it goes:

adduser = Use this command to add a new user in a whitelisted server, use : /adduser username=pwd save = Save the current world quit = Quit the server (but save it before) chopper = Start the choppers (do noise) gunshot = Start a gunshot (do noise) startrain = Start rain on the server stoptrain = Stop rain on the server grantadmin = Grant the admin rights to a user, use : /grantadmin username reloadoptions = Reload the options on the server (ServerOptions.ini) and send them to the clients banuser = Ban a user, reason is not mandatory, use : /banuser username=reason ip=true/false, ex /banuser rj=pvp ip=true unbanuser = Unban a player, use : /unbanuser username kickuser = Kick a user, reason is not mandatory, use : /kickuser username=reason addalltowhitelist = Add all the current users connected with a password in the whitelist, so their account is protected. addusertowhitelist = Add the user connected with a password in the whitelist, so his account is protected, use : /addusertowhitelist username removeuserfromwhitelist = Remove the user from the whitelist, use: /removeuserfromwhitelist username showoptions = Show the list of current Server options with their values. changeoption = Use this to change a server option, use : /changeOption optionName=newValue godmod = Set a player invincible, use : /godmod username=true/false, ex /godmod rj=true invisible = Set a player invisible, use : /invisible username=true/false, ex /invisible rj=true additem = Add an item to a player, the username isn't mandatory, if you don't specify it the item will be added to you, use /additem username module.item, ex : /additem rj Base.Axe. changepwd = Use this command to change your password, use : /changepwd previouspwd newpwd.

You can type “/help” to get a full list or “/help *command*” to get the help tooltip for this command.

Nothing helped?

If you haven’t found the answer to your technical issue, you can check in on the following links for additional help

Project Zomboid Support Forum:

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