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Community projects
Welcome to the community projects, where you'll find all the ongoing projects to organize and update the PZwiki.

Project Zomboid is a vast game with many game mechanics, items, locations and more, therefore organizing our contributors is incredibly important. A project is a community run endeavor where the contributors focus on a certain ideal, rather than having contributors who just come and go and edit whatever they feel like editing. Projects allow us to come together as a community to gather and discuss design decisions, overhauls, or work that needs to be done, prioritizing such matters.

Welcome to the community projects
The PZwiki has 17,042 pages (3,551 articles) which are maintained by our 8 active projects.
Spiffo, the Indie Stone Mascot of Choice. Also likes burgers, fast food, and is in game to help.
Spiffo is getting started on a new project.
Help him to get organized.
Featured quote
"A library outranks any other one thing a community can do to benefit its people. It is a never failing spring in the desert."
User levels
Projects have two user levels to them: leaders and contributors.

Leaders are people who originally pitched the Projects and are generally tasked with organizing, and maintaining project pages, along with managing contributors. Leaders oversee edits to pages that are within the scope of the project, and generally confer with other leaders and contributors. If a project has an unassigned leader, you may choose to elect yourself for the position by posting a message in the project's talk page and wait for a response from other contributors.

  • Assign tasks to contributors
  • Maintain pages that are within the scope of the project
  • Add/Remove users from contributors list
  • Help lead edits/design decisions for pages falling under scope of the project
  • Alter the job board
  • Check-in on discussions
  • Contribute to projects
  • Help out in general
Project directory

This is a current list of active projects that anyone can contribute to.

Finished projects

This is a list of projects that were successfully completed.