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This page's purpose is to provide general stylistic guidelines for articles.

Wikipedia comes with a great general style guide, so this page will only contain rules and guidelines specifically for the Project Zomboid Wiki.

The wiki’s purpose is to document facts, thus you should avoid opinionated and speculative information.

Articles outside of the Guides section should be written without referring to the reader directly.
Abbreviations are to be avoided.
Emphasis should be made via italics, not bolds or CAPS.
Proofread your own articles.

DO NOT place the generator inside the house. The generator will degrade your health very quickly because of the its exhaust. If you happen to have done so, go outside ASAP to stop the damage, but the house won't be safe until the generator is turned off.
Players should not place the generator inside the house as it will degrade a character’s health very quickly, because of its exhaust. If the player happens to have done so, going outside will stop the player from taking damage, but the house will not be safe until the generator is turned off.

Information about modifications should not be part of an article unless the article itself is about a mod.
Articles should also contain no links to or IPs of servers or unofficial communties.