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The purpose of this page is to provide general stylistic guidelines for articles to follow. Wikipedia comes with a great general style guide, so this page will only contain rules and guidelines specifically for The Project Zomboid Wiki. A wiki’s purpose is to document facts, thus you should avoid opinionated and speculative information.

If you have any questions, suggestions or complaints, please leave a comment on the discussion page. Please do not introduce or alter guidelines on this page without consensus.

Article titles

Pages must have appropriate titles.

  • Articles about items, tiles, structures, non-player characters, locations, quests or stories should be titled exactly how the name appears in-game.
    • This includes, but is not limited to, capitalisation, spelling mistakes and UK English vs US English.
  • Articles about in-game characters should contain their first and last names, rather than their nickname. For example, rather than Bob or Baldspot, the article would be called Bob Smith.
    • The exception is if the full name is not known, therefore only the first name is required, otherwise the nickname.


A redirect can be created if it fits one of the following criteria:

  1. Alternate spelling of the title, such as "Duffel Bag" for "Duffelbag".
    1. This includes differences between UK and US English, such as "Tyre" for "Tire".
  2. Previous in-game names, such as "Empty Sand Bag" for "Sack".
  3. Alternate names, provided that it is widely used, such as "Trousers" for "Pants".
    1. This includes differences between UK and US English, such as "Capsicum" for "Bell Pepper".
    2. This also includes first names or aliases for devs, such as "Chris" or "Lemmy" for "Chris Simpson".
    3. This also includes names and nicknames for in-game characters, such as "Bob" or "Baldspot" for "Bob Smith".
  4. Alternate capitalisation or form, such as "Baseball bat" for "Baseball Bat".
  5. Linking a language subpage to the correct title, such as "Cooking Pot/ru" for "Кастрюля".


A standard writing style needs to be maintained for ease of reading and consistency across pages.

  • Articles outside of the Guides section should be written without referring to the reader directly.
  • Abbreviations are to be avoided.
  • Emphasis should be made via italics, not bolds or CAPS.
  • Proofread your own articles.
DO NOT place the generator inside the house. The generator will degrade your health very quickly because of the its exhaust. If you happen to have done so, go outside ASAP to stop the damage, but the house won't be safe until the generator is turned off.
Players should not place the generator inside the house as it will degrade a character’s health very quickly, because of its exhaust. If the player happens to have done so, going outside will stop the player from taking damage, but the house will not be safe until the generator is turned off.
  • Information about modifications should not be part of an article unless the article itself is about a mod.
  • Articles should also contain no links to or IPs of servers or unofficial communties.


  • Words should only be capitalised at the start of a sentence or if the word is a proper noun. Items and tiles should not be capitalised as they are common nouns.
    • This includes section headings, such as "See Also", which should be "See also".
    • Exceptions to this rule are article titles.

File uploads

Everyone has the freedom to upload a new file, so long as it complies with the wiki rules.

  • If uploading a game icon, files should be at the resolution they appear in-game. For example, all items should be at a 32 x 32 pixel resolution.
    • Tile icons (ground) should be at a 128 x 64 pixel resolution for 2x textures, or 64 x 32 for 1x textures.
    • An exception to this rule is the uploading of certain furniture tiles as sticking to their standard resolution can result in large amounts of empty space.
      • This is the same for some interface icons, such as the time buttons.

Naming conventions

  • Game items should be named the same as they are within the game code, which can be found within the text files found in [ProjectZomboid > media > scripts].
    • Items that aren't named within these text files, such as cooked food, can be found within the UI1.xml or UI2.xml files, which are found with the image files.
  • Furniture and tiles are not easily identifiable within the game code, therefore a descriptive name should be given to them.
    • CamelCase is preferred, however since there is no current standard for this, snake_case is also acceptable.
  • Animated images, whether they be a GIF or PNG file, should have a title that can be easily identified as an animated image, other than the file extension itself. For example, File:FishingTackleAnim.gif.
  • As the current standard item size is 32px, when their size is increased beyond this value they can appear blurred. Therefore uploading a larger file may be required. These files should contain an informative title, such as File:PotFull_120px.png.

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