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Spiffo enjoying the bloodshed in Terraria

During your time exploring Knox Country, various Easter eggs can be found throughout the area, referencing other games, media, developers etc. Many of these references are in the form of business names, graffiti, items, etc.


Goodman Legal Services in Louisville is a reference to Saul Goodman, a character in TV Series Breaking Bad and Better Call Saul

Film parodies

The Indie Stone

Some of the graffiti in Knox Country references various developers
  • A construction site in Muldraugh is owned by T.I.S. Construction, referencing The Indie Stone, the developer studio behind Project Zomboid.
  • Spiffo, the game's adorable mascot was a character from PAWS, an unreleased fighting game that Indie Stone were previously working on.
  • The pill bottles for antidepressants and beta blockers have the name "Binky" on it, referring to CaptainBinky, an alias used by artist and T.I.S co-founder Andy Hodgetts.
  • In several areas of Knox Country, you can find "NasKo" spray-painted on a wall, this is a reference to the Community Manager, NasKo.
  • Some areas also have "RingoD" spray-painted on the wall. The graffiti is referencing former modder, turned developer, Paul Ring.
  • Enigma Books is a chain of book stores with locations in West Point and Riverside, referencing the Support & Operations Manager, EnigmaGrey.
  • The hardware store chain Zac's Hardware in Louisville, refers to developer Zac Congo.
  • A cafe in Louisville, Cafe d'Eris is a reference to Eris, a former modder, turned developer.
  • The Blue Fox, a restauraunt in Louisville, references developer Fox Chaotica.
  • One of the lunchbox variants has the face of Will Porter surrounded by love hearts. Porter is one of the game's writers.
  • A.A.Ron Hunting Supply is also a reference to Will's son. The business name is also likely a reference to the comedy duo Key & Peele's substitute teacher sketch.
  • T-shirts can spawn in some rare variants, having references to various The Indie Stone developers
    • A t-shirt with The Indie Stone logo can spawn.
    • A rare variant of the t-shirt has the face of one of the developers, Romain Dron.
    • Another variant can spawn with the bird logo which might be a reference to Aiteron, a modder then hired by The Indie Stone.
    • Another variant can spawn with the wolf logo which might be a reference to Rathlord, former The Indie Stone tech support & server runner.
  • R. Johnson Office Building in Louisville, references Robert Johnson/RJ, an alias used by Dron.
  • Romuald Dron Memorial Park was dedicated to the brother of RJ, who has sadly passed away. The park is located in Louisville.
  • A nightclub in Louisville, Beever's references Zach Beever, one of the composers behind much of the soundtrack.
  • Aitor Wire Company, a factory in Louisville, references developer Aitor Garca de la Cruz.
  • A clothing store in Louisville, Yuri Design, is named after developer Yuri Yakovlev. Yuri's name can also be found as graffiti.
  • The "Tanglewood" graffiti refers to Tanglewood Games, a studio assisting with development.
  • The "TEA BOYS" graffiti is a reference to The Eccentric Ape, another studio assisting with development.
  • Andrei & Son Hand-Crafted Wallets is a factory in Louisville, named after developer Andrei Topilin. Andrei's name is also found as graffiti.
  • The clothing store Sasha Sashay in Louisivlle, is a reference to the Lead QA Tester, Pandorea.
  • The graffiti "Yana Yana" is referring to QA Tester, Yana
  • Some areas have "Kirrus" spray-painted on the walls. This graffiti is referencing Kirrus, the system administrator.
    • Kirrus is also referenced in a radio advertisement for a computer manufactured by a technology company named after him.
  • The TV channel TURBO is a reference to TurboTuTone, a developer and former mod author for the game. Turbo's name can also be found in the form of graffiti.
    • Turbo is also referenced in a radio advert for a board game called "Turbo To Town"
  • The "Xeonyx" graffiti is referring to Xeonyx, a developer and former mod author. Best known for their map mod, Slocan Lake.
  • The "EZ Pickins" graffiti is referencing Tim Baker, also known as Easy Pickins.
    • Tim's Bakery in Louisville could also be referencing Pickins.
  • There are several references to The Forgotten Element, a point and click game that developers Chris Simpson and Andy Hodgetts had worked on prior to Project Zomboid.
    • The Forgotten Element film that had just released to theaters prior to the outbreak.
    • The cover-girl on the magazine sprite is a reference to Mia, the main protagonist of Forgotten Element.
    • The Seahorse Coffee chain is likely a reference to Seahorse Island, the setting for the game.


Various members of the community are referenced in the game, such as Twiggy's in West Point, a bar named after former YouTuber and streamer "sirtwiggy"
  • Twiggy's is a bar located in West Point, the bar is named after sirtwiggy, a former Project Zomboid YouTuber and streamer. Twiggy is also one of the callers on KnoxTalk Radio.
  • KPK Consulting Business Investments in Louisville, references KPKPlays, a friend of TIS.
  • Hair O Genesis is a chain of barber shops that have several locations in Knox Country, the chain is named after Ontogenesis, a friend of TIS.
  • A car dealership Nolan's Used Cars, located in Dixie Mobile Park, references nolanritchie, a modder behind several popular mods, one of which being the Driving Cars Mod.
  • In the woods outside of Muldraugh, you can find Ben's Cabin, the name is referencing a forum user known as haze1434 and it being their base right before the birth of his child. Haze had to leave to go to the hospital because his wife was about to give birth. Their child was named Ben and the cabin was named after them as a way of commemorating this event.
  • The in-game show Moderators, is a reference to an actual event, when someone on the moderation team tried to ban a user from The Indie Stone Forums, but accidentally made them an admin instead. Whoops!
  • The advertisement for Incontileve, a fictional brand of bladder control medication, has Dr Cox as the spokesperson for the ad. The doctor's name is a reference to the mod author, Dr_Cox1911.


Project Zomboid references in other media

Project Zomboid mentioned in Minecraft
  • A sandbox game, Minecraft, references Zomboid in the main menu. Occasionally, there's a splash text saying "Also try Project Zomboid!"
  • A survival game, NEO Scavenger also occasionally references Zomboid in its main menu.
  • In a 2D sandbox game Terraria Project Zomboid's mascot, Spiffo can be found in the form of a rare plush item. The plush acts as a pet summon item, allowing a player to summon Spiffo to join on their adventures.