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House In The Woods

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Project ZomboidChallengesHouse In The Woods
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House in the Woods game icon

The House in the Woods is a challenge game mode in Project Zomboid.

In-game challenge description

You can hear them approaching. Hordes of deadheads, encroaching on your isolated cabin from every angle. Death is inevitable, but a shotgun is close-at-hand.

Last Stand features endless waves of zombies in ever-increasing numbers. Survive for as long as possible against the overwhelming odds.


Your character starts out in a cabin, in a middle of a large forest that seems to be cut off from the rest of the map, or acts as its own separate map.

Around the house, you can find some furniture, guns with ammunition, and melee weapons to defend yourself against the undead.

The zombies will begin to spawn almost instantly and will never stop spawning. The only "end" to this mode is death, as with every other mode.

Attempting to run away or to hide will not work, as the zombies seem to always know your location unless you hide in the upstairs room.


Despite the zombie horde being endless, the player is able to take the furniture from around the house and attempt to barricade the house entrances, though it won't hold - the zombies will eventually break through it and most likely kill the player.


Game icon for "House in the Woods-Last Stand Accumulator"
  • There is also another version of the Challenge allowing for the player will be sent endless hordes like the original but each time the horde will keep increasing.

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