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Dash Rancher
Dash Rancher
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Dash Rancher
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The Dash Rancher is a 2-door, 2-seat SUV found throughout Knox Country.


Pros Cons
  • Highest engine power of all Standard vehicles in the game.
  • Short wheelbase makes the vehicle responsive to steering input.
  • Four-wheel drivetrain makes for quick acceleration.
  • High ground clearance; can be driven over unpaved surfaces at higher speeds without damaging the gas tank, muffler, or suspension.
  • Tied with the Chevalier Cossette for the loudest non-Heavy Duty vehicle engine in the game.
  • Tied with the Chevalier Dart and Masterson Horizon for the second-lowest trunk capacity in the game.
  • Second-lowest total cargo capacity in the game.
  • Short wheelbase and fast acceleration can make the vehicle twitchy and difficult to control.
  • Only 2 seats; not ideal for multiplayer co-op with more than 2 players.

Sport-Standard hybrid

The Dash Rancher is an odd vehicle. Due to its short wheelbase and 4x4 drivetrain, it accelerates quickly and is very responsive to steering input. However, this seems to be counter-productive to the purpose of the vehicle. With the highest suspension in the game, it seems to be designed for off-road use. However, off-road driving tends to take place in relatively narrow spaces such as dirt roads in forests, and the twitchiness of the vehicle can make crashes more frequent than desired. However, if you need to move as fast as possible through wide open farmland, the Rancher might be the best option.

It handles like a sport class vehicle, but uses standard parts. However, the vehicle itself is so rare that this advantage can arguably be nullified. It certainly alleviates the main issue with sport vehicles if you do manage to find one, however. In fact, it is so remarkably similar to sport vehicles that they are both best used in similar ways. With extremely limited trunk space and no back seats for storage, the Rancher can make for a good decoy to lure zombies away from a particular area and then swiftly retreat. It can also be used as a scout vehicle, although a Chevalier Dart may be more suited to that role due to its quiet engine.


The Dash Rancher is rarely found in parking lots, driveways, traffic pileups, and car accidents.


  • The Dash Rancher appears to be based off of the Jeep Wrangler YJ.
  • The Dash Rancher is one of the rarest Standard Vehicles.

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