Rosewood, KY

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Rosewood thumb.png
Isometric view of Rosewood
Type Town
Population Unknown
Established Unknown
Motto "Family, Community, Friendship"
State Kentucky
Country United States of America
Coordinates Show location on an interactive map8105x11578
Map location
“A short stay in Rosewood is pleasant, but a long stay? Well the inmates of the famous Knox Penitentiary will tell you: that it's not so fun!

Ideally situated geographically for ease of access, Rosewood is a community hub for administration and community services as well as a leading incarceration center. The county courthouse, a recently refurbished fire department and a lively law enforcement facility make this one of the most important towns in the area! Come visit today!”

— In-game description

Rosewood is one of the starting locations that can be chosen by the player.

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