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Finally you’ll be able to wander around the countryside trying to shoot rabbits with a shotgun.
— Will Porter[1]

Animals play a minor role in Project Zomboid, currently only appearing as items rather than roaming throughout the landscape, though it's planned to change in Build 42. There are various types of animals - including game, fish and insects - and each has their own methods of obtaining them.



Most game animals can only be obtained through trapping, however dead rats and dead mice can be found in various containers, kitchen counters in particular.

Animal Meat Trap Bait
Dead Mouse
Rodent Meat
Dead Rabbit
Rabbit Meat
Dead Rat
Rodent Meat
Dead Bird
Small Bird Meat
Dead Squirrel
Rodent Meat


Most fish can be obtained through fishing, however certain fish require specific types of bait.

Animal Meat Trap Bait
Little Bait Fish
Fishing Net Trap
Fish Fillet
Fish Fillet
Fish Fillet
Fish Fillet
Fish Fillet
Fish Fillet
Fish Fillet


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Insects are obtained by foraging (and rarely by looting refrigerators or vehicles); worms can also often be dug from grass tiles using a trowel.

Animal Edible Foraging Skill Bait
Insect AmericanLadyCaterpillar.png
Caterpillar (American lady)
Raw or Cooked 0 Fishing*
Insect BandedWoolyBearCaterpillar.png
Caterpillar (banded woolly bear)
Raw or Cooked 0 Fishing*
Insect Centipede1.png
Raw or Cooked 0 Fishing*
Raw or Cooked 0 Fishing and Trapping
Raw or Cooked 0 Fishing and Trapping
Raw or Cooked 0 Fishing and Trapping
Insect Millipede1.png
Raw or Cooked 0 Fishing*
Insect MonarchrCaterpillar.png
Caterpillar (monarch)
Raw or Cooked 0 Fishing*
Insect Pillbug.png
Raw 0 Fishing*
Insect SilkMothCaterpillar.png
Caterpillar (silk moth)
Raw or Cooked 0 Fishing*
Raw or Cooked 3 Fishing*
Raw or Cooked 3 Fishing*
Insect SwallowtailCaterpillar.png
Caterpillar (swallowtail)
Raw or Cooked 0 Fishing*
Insect Termite.png
Raw or Cooked 0 Fishing*
Raw 0 Fishing and Trapping

Baits marked with a star can be used for fishing, but do not lure any fish currently in the game and as such are not recommended.

Future features

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This article is about an item or mechanic that is currently unimplemented and planned for a future version.
It has either been previewed or found in the game files and does not exist yet.

Animals with their own AI that wander the landscape are planned to be included in build 42. The first iteration of animals won't be utilising Lemmy's AI code, and will instead have very basic functionality. These animals are intended to support the new crafting features coming in build 42, therefore will mostly only include animals utilised in animal husbandry, such as cows, sheep, pigs and chickens, providing a renewable source of milk, hide, wool, etc.

Angus Cow debug info panel showing some statistics.


In Project Zomboid lore, the noise caused by animals will attract zombies, however they won't be driven to attack them.

Each animal type will have various definitions:

  • Livestock: determines the type of animal, e.g. cow.
  • Breed: there will be various breeds of animals, each breed with its unique properties, e.g. "Angus" (meat breed) or "Holstein" (milk breed).
  • Gender: male or female, determines its set of functionlity, e.g. breeding, milking, etc.
  • Age: determines various functions, e.g. ability to breed (too young or too old) and amount of milk produced. Will eventually die when too old.
  • Size: the minimum and maximum size an animal can be. Larger animals will provide more resources.
  • Can be milked: some animals can be milked, e.g. cow. Will generate milk for a certain period after delivering a calf.
  • Flee humans: determines if the animal runs away from humans, e.g. mouse.
  • Can be attached: a rope can be used to attach certain animals so they can be led or stop from wandering away.
  • Hunger: animals will need to eat, with the amount dependant on the breed. An animal left hungry or thirsty will gradually lose health until it dies. Will eat from a trough.
  • Food types: determines the types of food it can eat from a trough. Some animals can graze on grass if trough is empty, however won't grow as big.
  • Enclosure size: enclosure must be a minimum size, otherwise the animal won't grow as big, providing fewer resources.

Animal breeding

All animals will have a genetics system, encouraging breeding of animals. Each animal type will have a set of abstracted genes that each contain two alleles inherited from parents, including: “milk quantity”, “life expectancy”, “strength”, “appearance” genes, and more. Characters with appropriate skills will be able to inspect an animal to get an idea of its health-related attributes (aka genes).

Each animal will carry two sets of alleles in their genome, one being contributed randomly from each parent. There are dominant and recessive alleles, meaning the player must be careful when in-breeding, as animals may have recessive genes for genetic illnesses of varying types.

Planned animals


  • The conspiracy crap??? mentions that the military was doing tests on the animals in Muldraugh and caused mass deaths of cattle. Also in one of the LBMW broadcasts on the night of the 11th of July, it mentions this here:
All eyes are on developments in a sleepy corner of Kentucky... a no-go zone ring-fenced by the US Army
Once we'd report from Muldraugh and West Point about county fairs and sick pets...
... now times have changed significantly.
  • Animals cannot be infected by Knox Infection as it only infects humans. Zombie will not attack animals, they will just be attracted by their noises and most animals will run away when they get close, this has been confirmed by The Indie Stone on several occasions.[11]


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