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There are many construction sites scattered across Knox Country. What these buildings were intended to be has been lost to time, and the workers who might've remembered have since turned.


There is practically nothing to be found at most construction sites, aside from a few occasional crates and some pallets of bricks that currently serve no purpose. They might be of use in a future update. The crates can contain construction supplies and there are occasional storage containers used as on site offices that contain more loot.

Location Description Coordinates
On the coast of the Ohio River.
Riverside Construction.png
Just north of the Gated community.
Valley Station
Valley station construction site.png
North of the Crossroads Mall, in the residential area.
Construction site muldraugh.png
North of the McCoy Logging Co..
Construction site louisville next to zippee market and knox radio.png
Eastern suburbs, south of The Grand Ohio Mall.
Construction site louisville next to fire station.png
Eastern suburbs, behind the fire station.
West Point
Downtown, next to the motel.

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