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A gated community is a group of wealthy two-story houses of variable size, that is usually, but not always, surrounded by a tall black fence. It is often considered one of the most valuable areas in the settlement it is in due to the large amount of high-quality vehicles and loot that can be found inside, as well as the high-security nature of the area.

Defining features

Gated communities can be recognized by the following details:

  • A fence or wall enclosing the perimeter
  • Large houses within said wall that usually have a detached or attached garage
  • Surrounding buildings that are either lower-value homes or businesses
  • Usually located on the edge of a major settlement


There are four gated communities in Knox Country.

Location Description Coordinates
Gated Community RW.png
West of the main street.
Gated Community LV.png
Eastern outskirts of town
Gated Community RS.png
Eastern outskirts of town
Gated Community MD.png
Eastern outskirts, east of Clark Storage.


There are large amounts of loot to be found inside even the smallest gated community. The large houses often contain large amounts of bookshelves, meaning a gated community can have a surprisingly large amount of research books to find. The closets of the homes are great places to find weapons, military boots, and repair materials. The kitchens often contain a wealth of food and cooking ingredients, and the garages often contain essential metalworking and carpentry supplies, as well as weapons. The bedrooms contain lots of clothing and, occasionally, firearms. Sometimes the houses may have sheds in the back. They contain the same loot as the garages.

Any of the homes that spawn as boarded-up survivor homes can be considered high-value targets, even more so than normal, due to the large amount of loot containers that can spawn the good loot within these homes.

Rarer vehicles, such as the Chevalier Cossette, Franklin All-Terrain, and Mercia Lang 4000, are more likely to spawn in gated communities than anywhere else, although they are still rare to find.


Gated communities often have a modest zombie population, compared to the surrounding areas. The loot-to-zombie ratio is very high, making it more than worth it to loot these areas.

  • It is highly recommended to bring a vehicle and bags, as there is a lot of loot to gather.
  • Remember to bring a flashlight and batteries if you're traveling at night and the power has gone out. Make sure you turn off the car headlights too, or you could end up stranded with a dead battery.
  • Watch your back. Due to the high amount of walls and fences, zombies can approach you from unexpected angles. Make sure you close doors and windows behind you.
  • Always have an escape plan in case the house you're in gets overrun. It might be a good idea to carry a sheet rope with you at all times if you need to jump from a second story window.
  • If the community you're looting is far from your base, carry extra supplies with you in case you can't make it back to base or an outpost for any reason. If you take a vehicle, ALWAYS carry a spare can of gas.
  • It might be a good idea to move the loot you gather to a safe staging area if you can't take all of it back with you in one go.

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