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Skill Books
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Skill books are usable items which apply an experience multiplier to a given skill. There are currently skill books in-game for all levels of nine character skills: Carpentry, Cooking, Electricity Farming, First Aid, Fishing, Foraging, Metalworking and Trapping with a separate skill book applying to each level of the skill--Beginner, Intermediate, Advanced, Expert, and finally Master.

They can also be burnt in a fire as a consumable, but this is not recommended incase you wish to revisit the same world if your character dies.

Using Skill Books

  1. Put the skill book in your main inventory.
  2. Right click the skill book and click "Read".
  3. Wait for the progress bar to finish.
  4. Double check that all pages have been read (sometimes anywhere from 1-20 pages of the book will not have been read). If some pages have not been read, repeat step 2 & 3.
  5. Check your character's "Skills" page to verify you are now getting a boost to the appropriate skill. (There will be sequential arrows running from the skill name to the skill boxes and hovering over the skill box that is currently being worked on will show the multiplier that is being given.)

Note: If at any point you are interrupted during reading, you do not lose the pages you've read; you can resume where you left off. So don't be afraid to kill a zombie or tend to your garden and then return to reading. The total amount of pages read so far will show up in the book's tooltip when hovered over. Depending on your situation, it may be best to spend a few hours a day (usually at night) over several days working through a skill book rather than attempting to read one straight through in one sitting (boredom, hunger, thirst, and unhappiness will all accrue while reading).

WARNING: If your character says, "I don't get it" or other similar lines above their head, you are reading an incorrect book for your level. Even if you read the whole book, nothing will happen. Make sure you are reading the book that corresponds to the level you are currently working on (Beginner = Level 1 and 2, Intermediate = Level 3 and 4, Advanced = Level 5 and 6, Expert = Level 7 and 8, Master = Level 9 and 10). You cannot read books early.

Skill Book Benefits

Reading a skill book even partially will give your character a multiplier on any points gained for a given skill. For example, if sawing wood normally gives 3 XP and you've read all of the level 1 (Beginner) skill book, you will now gain 9 XP each time you saw wood until you reach level 2. This will dramatically decrease the time required to learn a skill. In most cases, it is not worth wasting resources to grind out a level in a skill unless you have fully read the skill book and have the maximum multiplier.
Higher-tier skill books have more pages and take longer to read. Upon accruing enough experience to finish that skill level (even if you don't use a skill point to level it up), the multiplier is removed and experience gain returns to 1.0x until the next proficiency level book has been read for that skill. You can have as many active multipliers as you want simultaneously (i.e. four skills being boosted at the same time).

Maximum Multipliers

  1. Beginner - x3
  2. Intermediate - x5
  3. Advanced - x8
  4. Expert - x12
  5. Mastery - x16

Skill Book Item List

Realtime spent reading books on normal speed
Item Description

Carpentry for Beginners

A basic Carpentry skill boosting book meant for first-time carpenters. 220 pages long.

Carpentry for Intermediates

An intermediate-level Carpentry book that teaches more difficult concepts for experienced carpenters. 260 pages long.

Advanced Carpentry

An advanced Carpentry book that teaches complex concepts meant for learned carpenters. 300 pages long.

Expert Carpentry

A highly advanced Carpentry book meant for exemplary carpenters. 340 pages long.

Master Carpentry

A Carpentry book meant for adept carpenters. 380 pages long.

Cooking for Beginners

A basic Cooking book meant for new cooks. 220 pages long.

Cooking for Intermediates

An intermediate-level Cooking book meant for cooks with a small degree of experience. 260 pages long.

Advanced Cooking

An advanced Cooking book meant for experienced cooks. 300 pages long.

Expert Cooking

A highly advanced Cooking book meant for exemplary cooks. 340 pages long.

Master Cooking

A Cooking book meant for adept cooks. 380 pages long.

Electricity for Beginners

An Electricity book for new electricians. 220 pages long.

Electricity for Intermediates

An Electricity book for electricians with some experience. 260 pages long.

Advanced Electricity

An Electricity book. 300 pages long.

Expert Electricity

An Electricity book. 340 pages long.

Master Electricity

An Electricity book. 380 pages long.

Farming for Beginners

A basic Farming book meant for people who have not grown crops before. 220 pages long.

Farming for Intermediates

An intermediate-level Farming book meant for people who have grown a few crops before. 260 pages long.

Advanced Farming

An advanced Farming book that teaches advanced farmers new tricks. 300 pages long.

Expert Farming

A highly-advanced Farming book that teaches exemplary farmers even more new tricks. 340 pages long.

Master Farming

A Farming book that teaches the tricks of the most proficient farmers. 380 pages long.

First Aid for Beginners

A First Aid book for new doctors. 220 pages long.

First Aid for Intermediates

A First Aid book. 260 pages long.

Advanced First Aid

A First Aid book. 300 pages long.

Expert First Aid

A First Aid book. 340 pages long.

Master First Aid

A First Aid book. 380 pages long.

Fishing for Beginners

A basic Fishing book meant to teach the basics of catching fish. 220 pages long.

Fishing for Intermediates

An intermediate-level Fishing book meant for people who have already started catching fish. 260 pages long.

Advanced Fishing

An advanced Fishing book that teaches experienced fishermen new tricks. 300 pages long.

Expert Fishing

A highly-advanced Fishing book that teaches skilled anglers. 340 pages long.

Master Fishing

A Fishing book that teaches secrets for the best of anglers. 380 pages long.

Foraging for Beginners

A Foraging book. 220 pages long.

Foraging for Intermediates

A Foraging book. 260 pages long.

Advanced Foraging

A Foraging book. 300 pages long.

Expert Foraging

A Foraging book. 340 pages long.

Master Foraging

A Foraging book. 380 pages long.

Metalwork for Beginners

A Metalworking book. 220 pages long.

Metalwork for Intermediates

A Metalworking book. 260 pages long.

Advanced Metalwork

A Metalworking book. 300 pages long.

Expert Metalwork

A Metalworking book. 340 pages long.

Master Metalwork

A Metalworking book. 380 pages long.

Trapping for Beginners

A Trapping book. 220 pages long.

Trapping for Intermediates

A Trapping book. 260 pages long.

Advanced Trapping

A Trapping book. 300 pages long.

Expert Trapping

A Trapping book. 340 pages long.

Master Trapping

A Trapping book. 380 pages long.
Skill Rank Pages Fast Reader Trait No traits Slow Reader !
1-2 220 12m50s 18m20s 23m50s
3-4 260 15m10s 21m40s 28m10s
5-6 300 17m30s 25m 32m30s
7-8 340 19m50s 28m20s 36m50s
9-10 380 22m10s 31m20s 41m10s
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