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Weight: 1.0
Weapon Type: Melee
Ammunition: None
Hands: One/Two handed
Damage: Min - 0.5
Max - 0.7
Max Condition: 10
Degrade Chance: 1 in 10
Item ID: Poolcue

The Poolcue is melee weapon which has moderate durability, but has a poor ability to knock down zombies.

The Poolcue has a medium swing rate but does not put out much damage either. One of its benefits is that it relatively light for a weapon of its length. It can be found on counters and shelves in bars, and can be found on metal shelves in various houses. The Poolcue currently cannot be repaired.

The Poolcue despite its flaws, is a multi-attack weapon, and can attack 2 zombies at once. It also can cause 2 door damage per swing, but no tree damage.


	item Poolcue
		MaxRange			= 1.5,
		WeaponSprite			= Poolcue,
		MinAngle			= 0.2,
		Type				= Weapon,
		MinimumSwingTime		= 2,
		KnockBackOnNoDeath		= FALSE,
		SwingAmountBeforeImpact		= 0.02,
		Categories			= Improvised;Blunt,
		ConditionLowerChanceOneIn	= 10,
		Weight				= 1,
		SplatN.umber			= 0,
		PushBackMod			= 0.3,
		MaxDamage			= 0.7,
		SubCategory			= Swinging,
		ConditionMax			= 10,
		MaxHitCount			= 2,
		DoorDamage			= 2,
		SwingAnim			= Bat,
		WeaponWeight			= 1,
		DisplayName			= Poolcue,
		MinRange			= 0.61,
		SwingTime			= 2,
		MinDamage			= 0.5,
		KnockdownMod			= 0,
		SplatBloodOnNoDeath		= FALSE,
		Icon				= Poolcue,
        	RunAnim				= Run_Weapon2,
        	IdleAnim			= Idle_Weapon2,
        	TwoHandWeapon 			= TRUE,
        	BreakSound  			= PZ_WoodSnap,
        	TreeDamage  			= 0,

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