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Recipe Magazines
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Weight: 0.1

Recipe magazines are items found in game which unlock abilities to the character, such as the ability to make new foods, learn to assemble equipment, and usage of various items, including generators. Skills and traits which the player did not pick can be partially acquired by using the magazines (such as the ability to make pesticide which without the magazine is exclusively a farming trait).

Recipe magazines are also burnable as a consumable, but considering the importance of the magazines in case of character death, its best to keep them stored.

Like other magazines, recipe magazines are most commonly found inside mail boxes, however they can also be found inside bookshelves of houses and libraries.

Recipe Magazines


Main article: Cooking
Item Teaches Recipe Description Weight Classname

Good Cooking Magazine Vol.1

Make Cake Batter
Make Pie Dough
- 0.1 Base.CookingMag1

Good Cooking Magazine Vol.2

Make Bread Dough - 0.1 Base.CookingMag2


Main article: Electrical
Item Teaches Recipe Description Weight Classname

Electronics Magazine Vol.1

Make Remote Controller V1
Make Remote Controller V2
Make Remote Controller V3
- 0.1 Base.ElectronicsMag1

Electronics Magazine Vol.2

Make Timer
Add Timer.
- 0.1 Base.ElectronicsMag2

Electronics Magazine Vol.3

Add Motion Sensor V1
Add Motion Sensor V2
Add Motion Sensor V3.
- 0.1 Base.ElectronicsMag3

Electronics Magazine Vol.4

Make Remote Trigger
Add Crafted Trigger
- 0.1 Base.ElectronicsMag5

Engineer Magazine Vol.1

Make Noise Maker - 0.1 Base.EngineerMagazine1

Engineer Magazine Vol.2

Make Smoke Bomb - 0.1 Base.EngineerMagazine2

How to use Generators

Generator Maintenance Teaches the character how to connect generators to buildings. 0.1 Base.ElectronicsMag4

Guerilla Radio Vol.1

Craft Makeshift Radio - 0.1 Radio.RadioMag1

Guerilla Radio Vol.2

Craft Makeshift Walkie Talkie - 0.1 Radio.RadioMag2

Guerilla Radio Vol.3

Craft Makeshift HAM Radio - 0.1 Radio.RadioMag3


Main article: Farming
Item Teaches Recipe Description Weight Classname

The Farming Magazine

Make Mildew Cure
Make Flies Cure
- 0.1 Base.FarmingMag1


Main article: Fishing
Item Teaches Recipe Description Weight Classname

Angler USA Magazine Vol.1

Make Fishing Rod
Fix Fishing Rod
- 0.1 Base.FishingMag1

Angler USA Magazine Vol.2

Make Fishing Net
Get Wire Back
- 0.1 Base.FishingMag2


Main article: Foraging
Item Teaches Recipe Description Weight Classname

The Herbalist

Herbal Remedies Allows the player to identify poisonous berries and mushrooms 0.1 Base.HerbalistMag


Main article: Mechanics
Item Teaches Recipe Description Weight Classname

Laines Auto Manual - Standard Models

Basic Mechanics Instructive manual containing diagrams and common maintenance
tasks for popular budget and family car models.
0.1 Base.MechanicMag1

Laines Auto Manual - Commercial Models

Intermediate Mechanics Instructive manual containing diagrams and common maintenance
tasks for popular commercial pick-ups and work vans.
0.1 Base.MechanicMag2

Laines Auto Manual - Performance Models

Advanced Mechanics Instructive manual containing diagrams and common maintenance
tasks for popular modern performance car models.
0.1 Base.MechanicMag3


Main article: Metalworking
Item Teaches Recipe Description Weight Classname

The Metalwork Magazine Vol.1

Make Metal Walls
Make Metal Roof
- 0.1 Base.MetalworkMag1

The Metalwork Magazine Vol.2

Make Metal Containers - 0.1 Base.MetalworkMag2

The Metalwork Magazine Vol.3

Make Metal Fences - 0.1 Base.MetalworkMag3

The Metalwork Magazine Vol.4

Make Metal Sheet
Make Small Metal Sheet
- 0.1 Base.MetalworkMag4


NOTE: all smithing magazines were cut from the game

Item Teaches Recipe Description Weight Classname

The Smithing Magazine Vol.1

Make Fork
Make Spoon
Make Cooking Pot
Make Roasting Pan
Make Saucepan
Make Baking Tray
Make Baking Pan
Make Pan
- 0.1 Base.SmithingMag1

The Smithing Magazine Vol.2

Make Letter Opener
Make Nails
Make Paperclips
Make Scissors
Make Door Knob
Make Hinge
Make Butter Knife
Make Ball Peen Hammer
- 0.1 Base.SmithingMag2

The Smithing Magazine Vol.3

Make Tongs
Make Hammer
Make Sheet Metal
Make Suture Needle Holder
Make Tweezers
Make Suture Needle
Make Metal Drum
Make Kitchen Knife
Make Saw
Make Hunting Knife
Make Shovel
Make Hand Shovel
- 0.1 Base.SmithingMag3

The Smithing Magazine Vol.4

Make 9mm Bullets Mold
Make 308 Bullets Mold
Make 223 Bullets Mold
Make Shotgun Shells Mold
Make 9mm Bullets
Make Shotgun Shells
Make 308 Bullets
Make 223 Bullets
Make Crowbar
Make Golfclub
Make Axe
Make Sledgehammer
*At Version 37, this item is currently bugged and replaces with Smithing Magazine 3 once read* 0.1 Base.SmithingMag4


Item Teaches Recipe Description Weight Classname

The Hunter Magazine Vol.1

Make Snare Trap - 0.1 Base.HuntingMag1

The Hunter magazine Vol.2

Make Wooden Cage Trap
Make Stick Trap
- 0.1 Base.HuntingMag2

The Hunter Magazine Vol.3

Make Trap Box
Make Cage Trap
- 0.1 Base.HuntingMag3

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