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Bucket of Plaster
Plaster Mixed.png

Weight: 10

The bucket of plaster is made with water and a bag of plaster powder, it can be used to plaster up to four walls ( level 3 ONLY ) at Carpentry Level 7 .
Plastered walls can then be painted using a paint brush and some paint.
Plastering and painting is for decoration only and will not make walls indestructable by Zombie.


Name Recipe Description Skill Level
Bucket with plaster.png
Bucket of Plaster x1
Empty bucket.png + Water drop.png + Bag of plaster powder.png
Bucket x1 Water (5 units) Bag of Plaster Powder x1
(consumed) (consumed)
Plaster for walls. Carpentry Level 0


	item BucketPlasterFull
		IsWaterSource		= TRUE,
		Weight			= 10,
		CanStoreWater		= TRUE,
		Type			= Drainable,
		UseWhileEquipped	= FALSE,
		UseDelta		= 0.25,
		DisplayName		= Bucket with plaster,
		ReplaceOnDeplete	= BucketEmpty,
		ReplaceOnUseOn		= WaterSource-BucketWaterFull,
		Icon			= Plaster_Mixed,

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