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Sturdy Stick
Sturdy Stick
Hand Drill
Category Item
Heavy Load
Function Crafting material
Fire starting
Technical details
Base ID Base.WoodenStick

The sturdy stick is an item used in the crafting of makeshift items.


Fire starting

A sturdy stick can be used in conjunction with a notched wooden plank to start a fire. To light a campfire, first ensure that fuel has already been added to the campfire, which will act as the kindling. The player must have the notched wooden plank and sturdy stick in their inventory. Right-clicking the campfire and selecting "Light Fire" > "Notched Wooden Plank + Sturdy Stick" will cause the player to attempt to light the fire, although there is a chance that they will fail, breaking/destroying the sturdy stick. If successful, the campfire will burst into flames, while the sturdy stick and notched wooden plank will be returned to the player's inventory.

Note that this method of fire starting can only be used for lighting a campfire and antique oven, and will not work for lighting a charcoal barbecue.


Sturdy sticks have an additional use as a fuel for fires, and last for 15 minutes if used this way. This is the lowest burning time of any item.


Sturdy sticks are crafted from planks using the saw (Right-click Wooden Plank, select Sturdy Stick). It can also be used to create a splint, tent kit and makeshift fishing rod.

Name Recipe Description Skill Level
TZ WoodenStick.png
Sturdy Stick x8
Saw.png + Plank.png
Saw x1 Plank x1
Crafted from Wooden Planks using the Saw. Used to make Tent Kits and kindling. Carpentry Level 0

Tent kit.png
Tent Kit x1
Tent peg.png + Tarp.png + TZ WoodenStick.png
Tent Peg x4 Tarp x1 Sturdy Stick x2
(consumed) (consumed) (consumed)
(No in-game description)
Must be in Primary Slot to use.
Level 0

Stick Trap x1
TZ WoodenStick.png + Twine.png
Sturdy Stick x4 Twine (1 unit)
(consumed) (consumed)
Used to trap birds. MagazineHunting2.png
The Hunter Magazine Vol.2

Fishing Rod (crafted) x1
Knives.png + TZ WoodenStick.png + Fishing Line.png + Nailclip.png
Kitchen Knife
Hunting Knife x1
Sturdy Stick x1 Fishing Line x2 Nails
Paperclip x1
(consumed) (consumed) (consumed)
Make Fishing Rod MagazineFish.png
Angler USA Magazine Vol.1

Crafted Fishing Rod
with Twine Line
Knives.png + TZ WoodenStick.png + Twine.png + Nailclip.png
Kitchen Knife
Hunting Knife x1
Sturdy Stick x1 Twine (2 units) Nails
Paperclip x1
(consumed) (consumed) (consumed)
Make Fishing Rod MagazineFish.png
Angler USA Magazine Vol.1

Splint x1
Rag.png + SplintMats.png
Ripped Sheets x1 Plank
Tree Branch
Sturdy Stick x1
(consumed) (consumed)
Make Splint First Aid Level 0

Item distribution

Sturdy sticks cannot be found in the world and only obtained through crafting.


From newitems.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 40.43
	item WoodenStick
		Type = Normal,
		DisplayName = Sturdy Stick,
		Icon = TZ_WoodenStick,
		Weight = 0.1,

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