Iron Sight

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Iron Sight
Iron Sight
Category Weapon mod
Heavy Load
Weapon(s) RifleHunting.png RifleVarmint.png HandGun.png
Part type Scope
Weight mod. 0.1
Max. range mod. 3 tiles
Technical details
Base ID Base.IronSight
“Weapon attachment. Increases firearm's maximum range.”
— In-game tooltip
An iron sight is a weapon mod.


Increases firearms maximum fire range.

Can be added to guns using a screwdriver.

Compatible weapons


From newitems.txt (Project Zomboid directory/media/scripts/)

Version 40.43
	item IronSight
		Type 		= WeaponPart,
		DisplayName 		= Iron Sight,
		Icon 			= ScopeIronSight,
		Weight 			= 0.1,
		WeightModifier 		= 0.1,
		MaxRangeModifier 	= 3,
		MountOn 		= HuntingRifle; VarmintRifle; Pistol,
		PartType 		= Scope,
		Tooltip 		= Tooltip_IronSight,
		MetalValue		= 15,

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